Burger King realizations

Burger King realizations

One day when I was in college, I glanced up at a Burger King sign while I was driving. Then I looked at it again. It felt like something was new about it. Did they redesign it?

Their logo at the time.

And I had a realization so powerful that I nearly drove my car over the curb. I realized the words “Burger King” represented meat surrounded by a golden bun!

Annotated burger.

For two decades, I just thought the logo was the words “Burger King” surrounded by a tan shape above and below it. This new discovery was both earth-shattering and made me feel incredibly stupid. Since I was in a mood not to care what people thought of me, I proceeded to tell a couple of friends about this realization.

I explained the sign to them and how the logo was actually a burger, with the words being the meat. In each case, the friend gave me a blank stare and then a puzzling look. They didn’t believe me! I had to show them the logo and until they exclaimed “Oh my god, I never knew it was a burger!” Over the years, I’ve run across several others that similarly become enlightened.

Thus, the phrase “Burger King realization” was born. You can use it to describe something obvious that you missed for years and when you shared it, you weren’t alone.

2 thoughts on “Burger King realizations

  1. Having grown up around the very first Burger King here in Rhode Island .. home of the Whopper.. I am laughing at the fact (not you) that you didn’t realize that sooner. I dunno… the first Burger King was on the corner of Resevoir Ave and Park Ave Cranston RI. I happened to be in high school at the time 1970 and would often stop in (now I’m a veg head) watching the burgers on conveyor belts into the ‘grill’ and out again wrapped quickly and served.. prior to Burger King there was a Burger Chef that opened in 1969 and was 10 CENTS for a burger and fries… LOL, imagine that and please don’t fall off your chair.
    I totally am excited to find your list of parrot safe/unsafe food. Thank you

  2. The first McDonald’s (Ray Kroc edition) was 20 miles away from me near Chicago. Now it’s the “McDonald’s #1 Store Museum”. I’ve not been to either. 🙂

    Glad you are enjoying the site.

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