My favorite music

My favorite music

People always ask “what’s your favorite music”—a harder question to answer than it might seem. Rather than try to stab in the dark, I resort to data analytics. Obviously.

I recently found this wonderful website called Skiley that you connect to your Spotify account and it spits out all sorts of wonderful data.

In a previous post, I listed my favorite artists by play count. Skiley assigns a weighting based on recently played as well. This helps distinguish between all-time favorite into what I’m playing more at the moment.

June 2019 (most plays)February 2020 (Skiley)
VASTLudovico Einaudi
Ludovico EinaudiDavid Byrne
EnyaBrett Dennen
David ByrneSia
Brett DennenIron & Wine
SiaImogen Heap
Iron & WineBeatles
Two Lone SwordsmenOf Monsters and Men

So, what did I learn:

  • Ludovico Einaudi, Passenger, Of Monsters and Men, David Byrne, Iron & Wine have moved up, probably due to recent concerts and/or albums
  • Sia has moved up because I recently dug into her back catalog
  • Imogen Heap is a new discovery
  • VAST, Two Lone Swordsmen, and Enya have historically been favorite artists but I don’t listen much anymore

There is a lot of fascinating data on Skiley, but my favorite is where it breaks down the genres of music it thinks I like, some of which I’ve never heard of.

Permanent Wave16%
Neo Mellow16%
Indie Folk15%
Stomp and Holler15%
Art Punk14%
Art Rock14%
Dance Rock14%
Pop Rock12%
Acoustic Pop11%
Art Pop8%

Also above 5% are: Rock, Pop, Funk Rock, New Wave, Post-Punk, Zolo, Bow Pop, Compositional Ambient, Neo-Classical, Indie Pop

This makes me seem incredibly cool. Maybe it will do the same for you.